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12:30 pm: Fun with queers
   I went to Jakes (the gay bar) again last night. It was a blast. A good bunch of my friends and acquaintances were there. I am amazed by the experience
   I got hit on by a drunk tranny. I think that is the first time I have ever been hit on. It totally caught me off guard. Had I reciprocated better I probably could have made out with him. Granted, I wouldn't want to hook up with a person from a bar. But I see nothing wrong with flirting with them and having a good time. besides, he was drunk, so I can assume it was the alcohol talking. Next time that happens I think I will go with it and see if I can at least make out with the person.
   It was so much fun dancing with my friends. At one point there were a group of us in a circle dancing to “I will survive”. Gotta love a circle of queers dancing and singing along to “I will survive”
As much fun as it was, there a couple of “low lights” to the evening. I did get a bit drunker that I would have liked. I really wasn't THAT drunk, but I did have a bit of a headache.
   Right now I have my hair cut REALY short. Basically a ¼ inch buzz cut. When I was out back at the smoking section some guy asked me where my wig was. It's like “what the fuck?” apparently he thought that I am a crossdresser. Oh well whatever. People will assume what they will about me.
   Overall going to Jakes has been an amazing experience for me. Having friends who actually value my presence and want to hang out with me is something that I don't have much experience with. It's awesome. before I left Jakes I went to say goodbye to my friends. My friend Luke asked me if I was ok to get home. It's nice that someone other than a family member actually cares about me and is concerned for my safety. I think I will be showing up at Jakes again next week.

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