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12:44 pm: Still more adventures in wifi
    I finaly got some hose clamps to attach things to my cantenna. Now I just need to drill a hole in one of the hose clamps to attach the T nut I will be using as a tripod mount.
    I was running some tests on my cantenna sitting outside a bagel shop. I had it pointing directly a spot in the parking lot. It was interesting to see how a car parked in that spot dropped the signal strength. Good line of sight makes a big differance in signal strength.
    I will be running some tests on my can at the starbux down town. that should give me a good assement of how good my can is. I may also bring my cookie can to test out. But so far it seems that my long metal can does better than the cookie can.
    I fianly have a pic of my can sitting on my laptop. Unfortunatly the pic is a crap pic taken with my webcam. I will see if I can get a better quality pic with my webcam. Once I get a decent digital camera to replace the one that died, I will take some better pictures of it.

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