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02:19 pm: even more adventures in wifi
    I ended up making a cookie cantenna like the one I mentioned befor. I used a mesh colander as a feed horn. Priliminary testing seems to indicate that my other cantenna works better. I will have to do more tests befor I decide that the cookie can isn't worth it.
    My next task is to get some hose clamps to clamp the angle braket and feed horn to my long metal can. Also, if I find a threaded piece that fits on my tripod I will use that as a tripod mount that will be hose clamped to the can. I may also try making a cantenna out of a nally stew can. In a can test someone people did the stew can did better than any of the other cans tested. I will also keep an eye out for other cans at the goodwill.
    Once I get some decent tests run on my cans I will post some more info and hopefully some pics of the cans and signal strenght graphs

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