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01:58 pm: arguments online and other things
    I have a bad habbit of getting into arguments online in the trans chat room on yahoo. Lately the arguments have been about genderqueer issues. Many of the people in there seem to have a problem with me being genderqueer. On top of that many of them don't even see genderqueer as a valid term or identity. My friend Perry has told me not to bother with those people. Ay is right. I realy should listen to em and stop wasting my time with losers online. Especialy when I can interact with real people in the real world. I am such a chat junkie though. Hopefully I can overcome my addiction and stop wasting time with those people. only time will tell.

    In other news. I am going to start some job hunting. Hopefully this time around I will put more effort into it than last time. I hope I can get a job at the goodwill. There is one slight dilema though. They do a background check. The baground check form asks for all kinds of info like: name, height, weight, eye color. It also asks for your sex. That is where my dilema is. If I put male, then I have pretty much outed my self as trans. If they see an application for "Jennifer" that has male  on it, they might decide no to give me a chance. If they do call me in for an interview, since I will be wearing a skirt and heels (like I always do for interviews), they might see me as a man in drag. But putting female might not work. I have the female sex designation on my drivers licence but not on my social security or anything else. So there is the possibility that the background check wouldn't pan out. I guess I will just put female on there and hope that it works. I don't see why they need to do a stupid background check. I hope I don't run across this dillema at any other places I apply for a job at.

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