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10:30 am: More adventures in wifi
    I was playing around with my cantenna some more when I thought of something. This cantenna has a funnel shaped section of stove pipe on the end.http://www.seattlewireless.net/CookieCantenna The guy says he gets a good boost in signal strength with it. So I grabbed mesh strainer I had tried to make a dish antenna out of. I put it up against the front of the can to see what would happen. My signal jumped up. I got about a 5 point gain. Not bad. That makes it roughly a 5 to 10 point gain versus the bare dongle. I ended up making the hole in the strainer bigger and attached it to the end of the can with some zip ties. I plan on getting another strainer, cutting the hole more carefully and mounting it with a hose clamp. I might see about getting a bigger strainer. That might improve gain.

    When you get into wifi stuff something inevitably comes up, legal issues. I am not a lawyer so don't quote me on any of this. As far as I know accessing someones wifi and snooping around their hard drive is illegal. As tempting as it might be, I wouldn't risk it. You don't need “the man” knocking on your door. As far as just using their Internet connection, I don't know. But I think the chances of getting caught are rather slim, especially if you keep the following in mind.

A. Use access points at businesses that provide free wifi to their customers EG coffee shop
B. For other access points stick with one that have the default SSID (motorola, netgear, linksys ETC). If it is unencrypted and has the default SSID, I assume the following. The person left it that way deliberately. Or they are not tech savy enough to know how to encrypt it. In which case they wouldn't be savy enough to know that anyone is using their wifi. Also, if you can switch access points periodicaly. Apperently there have been people busted for just using someones internet connection.

    I will of course make some new cantennas and run some more tests. At some point I will take a pic of my can.... not that can, get your mind out of my gutter. Anyway, I will have to take the pic using my webcam since my digi cam died. That's about it for now. More updates in the future. I am such a geek. WOOT

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