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12:33 am: Piercings
I am visiting my fam in the bay area CA for xmas. So today I deceded to head up to Berkely. I decided to hit up my fave piercing place. Industrial Strength Tattoo and piering. I ended up getting my nipples pierced. To answer your question. Yes it hurt. It hurt like HELL!! But it was SOOO worth the pain and the cost. If I can afford it, after new years I plan to go back to get a prince albert. I imagine that getting your cock pierced hurts like hell. But it will be awsome to have that pierced. In a way the PA will be a sign of rebelion. There are many trans woman who dislike/hate their penis. I sometimes wonder if they hate their penis because they have been lead to believe that they have to, otherwise they are not a "real transseuxal". There is also the fact that unhappiness with ones genitals seems to go right along with transness in most peoples minds. So by getting a PA I will be going against the grain and saying "I love my cock".
As far as other people giving me shit. Well they can suck my cock. Latley I have been doing the genderqueer thing again. So I am defying the rules anyway. Anyways. Hopefully I can afford to get my cock pierced.

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